As of 2016 BatTRI-Hub is fully operational and fast becoming a centre for all kinds of industry engagement from chemical companies, through to battery manufacturers and energy providers.


We aim to generate the partnerships needed for accelerated progression by reinforcing existing collaborations with local and international research, in addition to working more broadly with industry to address major challenges at the heart of this new world of energy provision and storage requirements.

The Battery Technology Research and Innovation Hub (BatTRI-Hub) is a unique, world class research and innovation centre focused on advanced battery prototyping and the commercialisation of energy storage technologies. 

The collaboration between Deakin University research areas in energy materials through the leading expertiese of the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) in key energy technologies and advanced polymer materials, creates the ideal platform for optimum design and operational flexibility.

This will enable the tailoring of research programs to meet specific industry needs and consumer demands as batteries continue to evolve from small personal use items, to powering our modes of transport and our electricity supply. 

Prof. Maria Forsyth

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Prof. Patrick Howlett

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